About me




My name is Beth Battinelli.

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology, more than 25 years of professional training and experience, and a lifetime of personal exposure to ADHD.

The last nine years of my career were spent working as a psychologist in corrections During that time, I saw thousands of individuals who had ADHD. In many instances their arrests were directly related to some aspect of ADHD.

ADHD is complicated, fascinating and potentially dangerous . This population has a significantly higher rate of substance abuse, therefore putting them at greater risk for death by overdose.

There are many people who
do not understand ADHD from a scientific point of view; they view it as a behavior problem that is a result of faulty parenting.

My mission here is increase Understanding ADHD in Adults using scientific facts, common sense and everyday examples.

I am interested in fresh ideas and new approaches and invite you to share thoughts and have a conversation with me!